• Going on a Bear Hunt
    A number of years ago a call came into my office. A biologist from the local fish and game office was on the line enquiring if I had a tranquilizer Read more
  • Deliverance
    When I pulled into the place, it felt like I’d stepped into a scene straight out of “Deliverance.” I parked next to the old toilet in the yard, that had Read more
  • Schrodinger's Cat
    Stories from the life of Dr. Michael Mathis who has a practice in Greeley, CO. Read more
  • The Valentine’s Weekend Getaway
    Stories from the life and practice of Dr. Michael Mathis. Michael works in Greeley Colorado and is the son of Dr. John Mathis Read more
  • Batman and the Cowboy Crew
    As the phone buzzed in my pocket, I silently slipped out of the back of Sunday School class to take the call in the foyer. A friend was sitting there, Read more
  • Putting Out Fires
    As a Veterinarian I try to be proactive in preventing problems from happening. I spend large portions of my day preg-checking cattle, so that important management decisions can be made Read more
  • That's Gonna Leave a Mark
    Spring time at the Mathis home means track and field. This past week I’ve been able to watch my daughter run in multiple track meets. I used to think I Read more
  • A Veterinarian's Spouse
    As I blinked my eyes open, I thought “It seems to early for the alarm to be going off.” The numbers on the alarm clock read 10:45. That’s when it Read more
  • April Fools
    As I walked into the bathroom on the dairy, I was once again struck by the smell. Not necessarily a bad smell, but kind of a sweet musty smell. When Read more
  • Swamp Rats
    The man on the radio was apologizing for a technical glitch, and explaining that due to the impending “Bomb Cyclone Blizzard” that all nonessential personnel had been instructed to stay Read more
  • A Team Sport
    In his book “Outliers” Malcolm Gladwell popularizes the “10,000 hour rule.” Claiming that the key to achieving world-class expertise in any skill, is, to a large extent, a matter of Read more
  • You've Got a Friend in Mare
    As a kid whenever I went to the doctor, my doctor would tell me the same story.  It was about how he really wanted to be a Veterinarian but was Read more
  • A Rough Job
    Yesterday afternoon I tried taking my kids fishing. “It will be relaxing” my wife had said about the excursion. After an hour and a half of constant “un-snagging” of lines, with non-stop Read more
  • Not My Blood
    The dairy was about a 40 minute drive from home. There was supposed to be someone there waiting for me to help put in a prolapsed uterus when I arrived. As I Read more
  • Dirty Jobs
    Last night an individual asked my kids if any of them wanted to be a Veterinarian. They all promptly replied “No way! His job is too gross.” I’ve heard this from lots Read more
  • Why I Stand
    As our thoughts turn to this wonderful country and the freedoms and liberties we have on this Independence Day. We would like to share the thoughts of Joyce Barnson (Dr. Read more