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  • Dirty Jobs
    Last night an individual asked my kids if any of them wanted to be a Veterinarian. They all promptly replied “No way! His job is too gross.” I’ve heard this from lots Read more
  • Why I Stand
    As our thoughts turn to this wonderful country and the freedoms and liberties we have on this Independence Day. We would like to share the thoughts of Joyce Barnson (Dr. Read more
  • Perks
    I had just pulled into the parking lot of the middle school, to watch my daughter run in her first track meet of the year. She would be running the 3200 M, Read more
  • One of "those" days
    Stories from the life and practice of Dr. Michael Mathis. Michael works in Greeley Colorado and is the son of Dr. John Mathis Read more
  • A Good Scientist
    The headlocks at this particular dairy had seen better days. Quite often they held cows in place, not because they were working properly, but merely because the cows “thought” they Read more
  • I Think You're Bleeding
    The dairy was about a 40 minute drive from home. There was supposed to be someone there waiting for me to help put in a prolapsed uterus when I arrived. Read more
  • Best Investment
    Michael is the son of John Mathis and is a veterinarian who practices in Greeley Colorado Read more
  • Soda Pop
    Dr. Michael Mathis is the son of John Mathis and is a veterinarian who practices in Greeley Colorado Read more
  • A Different Breed
    Michael is the son of Dr. John Mathis and is a veterinarian who practices in Greeley Colorado Read more
  • Helping out Dad
    Michael is Dr. John Mathis' son and a veterinarian who practices in Greeley Colorado. Read more
  • Snakes
    A while back we ordered in some rattlesnake vaccine for a client. Soon after that we received a small box in the mail. When opened, there was a rattlesnake head Read more
  • The Exhilaration of Running
    I love to run. My earliest running memory was from when I was about 5 years old. The golf course in the little town I grew up in had a Read more
  • "They Swallowed What?!"
        Sometimes we are amazed at the things our 4-legged friends manage to swallow. For instance, Dr. Mathis' once extracted a 3 foot piece of 2 x 4 from a cow. Read more
  • "Clicker" Training
    I have a friend that we'll call Stretch Berlin to protect his identity. Stretch likes to frequent the local watering hole. In fact he frequents it enough that he's kind Read more
  • Dog, Ghost, or Ball of Fur?
    One day our veterinary technician Nakiya decided that her dog Keeda was overdue for a good grooming. Keeda weighed in at 5 pounds before the brushing and weighed in at Read more
  • Advantages of working outside
    One of the best parts of being a large animal veterinarian is getting to work outside. The thought of sitting cooped up in an office during the day sends shivers down my spine.Of Read more