Why I Stand

Why I Stand

As our thoughts turn to this wonderful country and the freedoms and liberties we have on this Independence Day. We would like to share the thoughts of Joyce Barnson (Dr. John Mathis' sister in law) She wrote the following for a scout flag ceremony and hope that we can all remember and appreciate all that our flag and country stands for.

Why I Stand

Why Do I Stand for the flag? Our flag is the sacred emblem of our country.

I stand for the flag to show gratitude to live in a free country.

I stand to remember the courage of soldiers who fight to keep us free.

I stand to remember liberty and equality for all.

I stand because it is my duty to my country to love it, support it, defend its constitution, and obey its laws.

I stand to honor those who have come before.

I stand to show hope for my nation's future.

I stand to respect those who fought to keep this country free and never came home

Please STAND with me and repeat the Pledge of Allegiance.